Qurbani is an obligation upon every mature Muslim, male or female, who can afford performing the sunnah of sacrifice. On that account, ARF launched the campaign 2015 in order to encourage more people to make their Qurbani donation without the slightest hesitation.

So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone].


There are people who cannot afford to buy a piece of meat let alone celebrate Eid. Making a Qurbani donation will feed a family and allow them to celebrate Eid just like we do. This act reflects selflessness and generosity, and creates strong ties between Muslims around the world.

What is Qurbani?

Simply, it is the act of sacrificing an animal (sheep, cow, camel or goat) for Allah’s sake on the day of Eidul-Adha. One third of the sacrifice should be delivered to the poor and needy so they can celebrate Eid, second third can be given to friends and family to strengthen ties and the last third is for you to enjoy. However, you can donate the the entire meat to those who need it them most – if you can.We know that positive changes happen in people’s life every time a donation is made. So imagine what happens when an obligation like a Qurbani is fulfilled? The reward is boundless as you are following the footsteps of prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and bringing joy to many hearts.

Who will receive my donation?

On the day of Eid we deliver your Qurbani donation to the poor people; including orphans, widows and elderly people who cannot afford to buy meat for the day of Eid. We guarantee that all your donations are delivered to those who need it the most.

Where do you distribute Qurbani?

ARF aims to expand its geographic reach in the near future. At the moment we are working in the following countries: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Somalia, Fiji and India.

What are the prices?

We start from £25 per share. Depending on how much you want to give, our prices are considered to be the cheapest and most affordable. Below is an updated price list:

When can I make my Qurbani donation?

People usually do it during the blessed ten days of Dhul-Hijjah. However, you can make your donation before. The actual sacrifice will be performed on the the 10th day of Dhul-Hijjah after Eid prayer.

“It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah. It is your piety that reaches Him” – [22:37]

All you need to do is choose one country from the above list and select your preferred payment method here .


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