Healthcare Project

Mobile clinics:

The many disasters in the region have led to the decline in healthcare. At ARF, we deliver medical aids to the impoverished people with medical needs by organizing medical clinics. Our clinics have helped treat diseases in the region such as Malaria, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Gastritis, Nutritional disorders, Diarrhoea and Liver Cirrhosis.

Midwives training:

Before introducing modern health facilities in the country since 1960s, local communities were relaying on traditional midwives who were in many cases practising unprofessional and un-hygienic ways of gynaecological operations including midwifery. During the civil wars in the country most of the heath facilities were destroyed and health personnel become idle or moved abroad. The untrained midwifes filled the gab and old practices of midwifery emerged again. ARF departing from this unacceptable way of midwifery. We have initiated and implemented health-training courses for midwifes to reduce high maternal mortality (MMR) rates in remote areas. The project improved midwifery practices and saved many lives.


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