Water Projects

In order to mitigate and lessen the effects of the constant threat of recurrent droughts and famine, we are not only working to mitigate the disasters as they happen, but we are working to establish long-term solutions in order to save the lives and improve livelihood of the people.

Digging wells:

We recognize that water is the most precious commodity in a semi-arid region. Therefore, we provide clean water to the thirsty people by digging wells and distribute emergency water in Somalia and eastern parts of Ethiopia.

Agricultural farms:

In order to reduce poverty, encourage local food production and enhance farming skills, we have identified number of agricultural farms owned by impoverished families. We provided those farming tractors, seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides needed by the farmers to grow crops. Farmers enthusiastically appreciated the positive outcomes of this project that generated a source of income. They have now established a self-sustaining life and income for their families.


Hand Pumps

Hand Pumps for 4-6 families

Water Filtration Plant

Water filtration up to 20,000 families

Water Well

Well for up to 200 families

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